Monday, March 26, 2012


FEBRUARY 5, 1995

In honor of my grandfather, Robert Dixon Washington, who was born this day.

We don't have the correct time of birth for Trayvon Martin, but we can glean some information based on the Solar Chart which shows the placements of his planets and their relationship to one another.  When events come up that are newsworthy, my first inclination is to look at the cosmic signature of the people involved. It won't change what happened but  it could provide some answers.

When I looked at Trayvon's Solar Chart, the first thing that came zooming up for recognition was a Grand Trine which looks like a big triangle or pyramid.  Grand Trines happen when three or more planets are aligned in 120 degree angles.  Grand Trines are significant because they indicate genius potential and talents that the soul inherited from a previous lifetime.  The Grand Trine in Trayvon's chart is between Venus, planet of love, the Moon, planet of feelings and emotions and Mars, planet of outgoing action.  It seems he was a nice person, with possibly musical or athletic talents that flowed through him very easily.

However let's start at the beginning.  On the day of his birth, Trayvon was born with two planets in Aquarius, the Sun, planet of will and ego, and Mercury, planet of communications.  Aquarians are the humanitarians in the Zodiac. They are the ones mostly likely to attract friends from all walks of life.  Since Jupiter, planet of expansion is forming a sextile (60 degree angle) to Trayvon's Sun and Mercury, it appears that he was a friendly young man with a generous spirit, who was bright, intelligent and loving.  His Venus, planet of love is at the very beginning of Capricorn which also shows he was enterprising, a hard worker who probably had dreams of starting his own business.  His Mars is in Leo, the sign of "I Will", he had a heart (Leo rules the heart) of gold and a talent for acting.  While Mars in Leo is forming an across the signs trine to Venus in Capricorn, it also was forming a square (90 degree angle) to Pluto, planet of transformation, which is at the beginning of Sagittarius.  Trayvon's Saturn, planet of discipline was in Pisces, the sign of the martyr.It might be hindsight, but with that placement of Saturn one could assume that something he did would ignite the fire of Pisces People (Black people in America).  Sidenote:  It is our belief that Jesus Christ was born under the sign of Pisces and it's interesting that the protests over Trayvon's murder is going to continue through Easter.

So besides all the astrological jargon, you're probably wondering why Trayvon had to die?  What about those beautiful aspects in his chart that promised a bright future?  It is our belief that the matter of death is between the individual soul and The Creator.  But looking deeper into the transits on the night of his death, there are interesting aspects.


The transiting Sun in Pisces was applying to Trayvon's Saturn in Pisces.  This indicates that an authority figure (cop wannabe) who was following him, stopped him, threatened him and treated him in a disrespectful way. It became a battle of the wills and since Trayvon didn't know who he was he acted accordingly "why are you following me?"  Mars was in Virgo, squaring Trayvon's Jupiter in Sagittarius and words got heated and the perpetrator (Zimmerman) threw the first punch.  Zimmerman was bigger and heavier than Trayvon, so like most cowards he thought he could win the fight.  The Moon was in Aries that night opposing Zimmerman's Sun in Libra and he was the one out of control, thinking his authority was being thwarted, and also thinking the real cops were on the way.  He also was a racist and his bravado was a coverup for his deep fears of Black men/boys. Transiting Jupiter in Taurus was squaring Trayvon's Sun/Mercury in Aquarius. This indicates a misjudgment of actions or too many words or punches. This aspect indicates that Trayvon was not looking for a fight, but just wanted to get back home with the treats he bought at the local store. After all he left at half time during a televised basketball game.   I don't think that Trayvon had a clue that he was being confronted by evil, until somehow Zimmerman was able to pin him down, and then he shot him. The audio tapes of Trayvon screaming for help indicates that Zimmerman managed to use his force to cause pain. He (Zimmerman) was overly emotional and he went too far.  But he was like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe next time I'll do his chart, but this is not about him, this is about Trayvon Martin and all the young men who have died due to excessive force by so-called authority figures, police included.   

When Trayvon Martin was killed Mars, the action planet, that can sometimes be gun violence, was retrograde in Virgo.  It would seem that this murder touched a core inside of every person who believes in justice and fair play.  While it might seem like something new, the case of Trayvon Martin is unfinished business. It can provide an opportunity to get it right this time.  Prosecute the murderer and put him in jail. We've witnessed to many of these cases where the killer went free and got desk duty (in the case of cops). So another mother buried her child and the "authorities" said the homicide was justifiable, and I believe the police who acted in collusion with Zimmerman (the murderer) thought it was a done deal.  They thought there might be a ripple of complaints, but not what happened when Mercury went retrograde on March 12th. The news of Trayvon's murder went viral, thanks to the internet and people came out in droves to protest this senseless killing.  The police chief has temporarily stepped down and even the president has spoken on the case.  What makes everyone so angry is the fact that George Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime,even though audio tapes between him and police clearly show he was going beyond the boundaries (Jupiter square) of his so-called authority.  Retrograde Mercury is saying you missed something, go back and get all the details, then bring it forward.  Mercury turns direct on April 4th, and it is my prayer that justice will become a reality in this case, that the coverup will be uncovered. 

What are the spiritual messages we're getting from the murder of Trayvon Martin?  Well, Neptune, planet of spirituality is in Pisces now, and we are Pisces People (Black people in America).  Neptune is influencing us to look for the spiritual meaning behind this tragedy.  Can we confront the situation while remaining spiritual? Can we forgive George Zimmerman?  Does forgiveness mean that we have to let the coverup go?  What's coming to the surface is what was there all along.  Maybe we've been too forgiving in the past.  Maybe spirit is calling us up to finally do something meaningful that will not only give justice to Trayvon but it will also give justice to others who have found themselves in the same situation.  The good news is that people who share same goals and values are coming together over this issue.  The Spirit of Trayvon Martin is strong and his death provides an opportunity for us to feel more compassion and love for people we do not know.  We have the opportunity to be in service to the forces of love, Light and peace on earth. Being in service just might mean taking a stand for what you feel is right. We have the choice and free will to do what we're guided to do. Trayvon was my son, my grandson, my nephew, my cousin.  May he rest in peace!


  1. My heart is so heavy for my children.

  2. Thank you for this, especially the spiritual perspective. I look forward to what the stars say about Zimmerman, especially now that he is trying to tell his story.

  3. When I get the knots out of my stomach, I'll try to do Zimmerman's Solar Chart. But he will come up in my next blog for the Full Moon in Libra on the 6th.

    1. I'd like to see you do that. Thanks for this interesting way of looking at this terrible crime scene.
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  4. Very thoughtful, measured and as always informative. Thank you, Ayesha.

  5. I think it's important to note that George Zimmerman is not the enemy. He was indoctrinated into a racist culture that sells violence in every form of media, even that marketed to young children. It's the consciousness produced by these things that are the enemy.

    My prayers are with Trayvon's family. They have gone through an intense pain in order to inspire compassion and bring light to a corrupt and dysfunctional system of "justice". I also pray for Zimmerman as well. It seems that his chart indicates the possibility for a dramatic transformation.

  6. I agree that Zimmerman is a victim of this racist and overly violent society. Maybe some jail time will open him up to the truth of who he is and help him to face what he did. We'll see.

  7. This is a great piece and honor to the spirit of Trayvon Martin, that beautiful Water Bearer... May he RIP = Rest (& Live) in Power, in Paradise, in Peace!

    I do sit and study how they were both "5s" and this happened in a universal "5" year. Yes, this is significant; I'm Taking Notice...Notes.

    I know victims/bullies/criminals can come in any of the 12 signs, but a Libra doing this? The "that's not fair" of the zodiac. It had to be that guy's Aries moon that aided BiG timE with his ill mission. May he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

    Trayvon had Bobby Brown's b-day. Yes, he would have been Great! When he re-incarnates he's likely to generate the same massive LOVE from us, just for a different cause though. Light to his Soul. Ashe.

    1. Libra Sun/Aries Moon is a Full Moon. These folks can have difficulty controlling their emotions, and I've met some war like Libras, some would say those scales of justice got tipped (smile).


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