Thursday, February 19, 2015



Mars the action planet will be in Aries, the sign that it rules, from Thursday February 19th until Monday, March 30, 2015.
It's time to put some feet on your prayers The things you were praying about when Mars was in Pisces can be activated now.This is a good time to take action to make the dream a reality. Every successful person I know is an activist in life. MLK didn't just dream about a brighter future. He shared his dreams and visions and then took action to bring the dream into reality.  The same holds true for all the heroes and sheroes of our past and present. Harriet Tubman not only dreamed about being free but she took the steps to free herself and then risked her life to free many others.  Mars in Aries says "it's not what you say but what you do that matters". "action speaks louder than words" my grandmother used to say. So now we have a cosmic boost from Mars in Aries. It's time to be courageous and take those projects off the back burner and move them forward.  Fear of failure or rejection is what stops most of us from doing what we know we must do.  The Bible tells us "The Lord is our strength and our salvation...whom shall we fear?" Marianne Williamson says "we're afraid of our own greatness".  But when we dare to shine our light we give others permission to shine their lights.  OK, so much of this is a reminder to myself to take off the lead shoes and fly.  There are many things to do on my "to do" list and I need to deal with them.  


There's always the positive use of planets, signs and aspects,and the flip side that's not so good,  so lets take a look at them.  We have free will and choice on how we use the energies.  Consciousness is key:

MARS IN ARIES - GOOD: breakthroughs, courage,  right action, facing fears, standing up for what's right, self confidence, grace under pressure, starting something new, trying the untried, fearless, consistent belief in oneself, breaking unwanted habits, starting positive new habits.
THE BAD: arrogance, egotisical, needing to be right all the time, impulsive behaviors, rushing in where angels fear to tread, argumentative, selfishness, pushy, lacking in compassion
THE UGLY: always in a hurry, driving too fast, moving too fast, carrying out a vendetta, impatient with others, misuse of guns, knives or instruments of violence, going beyond limits, inconsiderate of others, fires, explosions. 


 Uranus, the unpredictable one is in Aries now.  Mars in Aries will catch up to Uranus on March 11th but we'll just say that from the 8th to the 14th, these two explosive energies will be  together.  The advice is to be extremely careful around fire and explosive materials and also when driving.  We could witness another big hack on computers owned by corporations, or governments, so do what's necessary to protect your information and stay off sites that are shaky.  This is also for smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices where your personal information is stored.  New York City has the Moon in Aries so if you live there, use your intuition before getting on the subway or buses, and stay aware when moving about the city.  The news probably will be popping with stories of unusual accidents and/or violence.  I would say to keep the Light around you, as we should be doing all the time now anyway.  I'm always interested in the stories of people who miraculously survived potential danger because they paid attention to their intuition. Like the people who couldn't get to work on 911, cars that broke down, people who overslept, folks whose metrocards didn't work so they missed the train.  The woman who went against her supervisors orders to walk out of the building, and once seeing the danger walked all the way back up the stairs to warn her co-workers (who paid her no attention) then ran back downstairs and got out just as the building started falling.  These stories ( and I have plenty of them) just enforce my belief that intuition is real and the Light works everywhere at any time.  So stay wrapped in the protective Light and stay tuned in.  

I gave up complaining about the weather for lent (smile). But because of my training with a talented astrologer on how to predict weather, I'm amazed and disappointed that what I was taught doesn't seem to work any more.  However when I noticed Mars going into Aries six months ago I thought to myself "we're going to have an early spring". Not! Aries is the sign that brings in Spring, plus Mars activates the energy, but what we're experiencing now is just the opposite of what I was taught. Lower temps than usual, more snow than usual and no sign of warmer temps.  It's as if the weather gods are angry with those of us living in the northeast. Witness what's going on in MA, NY, PA, NJ, and places that are totally surprised with weather that has shut down the whole city, and/or state.  My relatives in TN are locked down with ice, snow and colder than usual temps.  This is our time to be patient and to just go with the flow, as this too shall pass.  One conspiracy theorists said an experiment at HAARP went bad so we're experiencing the reverse of what we'd want to happen.  My theory is that the movie Frozen (about an ice queen) went deeply into our subconscious minds and we're creating all this ice, snow and freezing I'm blaming it on Disney (laughing).  So while most of us are planning to initiate projects, we're locked down waiting for the plows to come.  I'm also still going out every morning to get the ice and snow off the car (brrr!). This is a test of my belief that everything is working together for my good.  I'm not fussing to myself as I chip off the ice, but saying a prayer of gratitude that I am able to do it and also gratitude for the sisters and brothers who helped me get the car.  Even with my fingers freezing to the bone, I'm smiling and saying "thank you", "thank you", "thank you!".  It makes me feel better and sends out an energy of positive good to those around me.  It's all good!  Gotta go clean off the car. I love you all, Ayesha 

Friday, February 13, 2015



On Wednesday, February 18th we'll have another New Moon in Aquarius.  The first one was at zero degrees of  Aquarius (on January 20th), and this one is at the very end of the sign (29 degrees). It's like the cosmos is giving us a second chance to get it right. If you started something with the first one, but ran into obstacles along the way, then this time you'll be energized to get it done.  We've had a retrograde Mercury along the way, but Mercury went direct on the 11th, so there's no excuse (smile).  Usually New Moons are all about beginnings, but this one has a completion or endings energy.  


I've always loved the sign Aquarius. It's the 11th Sign in the Zodiac, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.  It's also a fixed air sign, with the keywords "I Know".  Many inventors were born under the sign of Aquarius, because of inner need to change things for the better. Aquarius people are basically intellectuals because they have a natural energy to explore and to gain information.  Aquarius rules the 11th House of friends and large organizations in the astrology chart. They are known for their volunteerism and ability to organize diverse groups of people. That is because Aquarius usually knows people from all walks of life.  They also love to travel and find it easy to mingle with people who might speak a different language.  Many of my friends are Aquarians.  I love them because there's no pressure in our relationships. We can be out of touch with one another (because we are always so busy) and when we reconnect it's like we never were apart.  They are great conversationalists because their knowledge is so vast.  What I love about them is the if they don't know a thing, they will do the research and educate themselves.  Aquarians are humanitarians by nature  and while some think of them as cold and aloof, I love the fact that they aren't the feely touchy folks who just need to have you around.  I'm thinking the phrase "if you won't there's others who will" must have come from an Aquarian.  


For one thing is means we need to move from our "me" "me"
consciousness and move it up to "we" "we". It's time for all of us to think in terms of how we can use our gifts and talents to benefit others. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water so it's time to consider what we're doing to free Earth Mother from pollution, not only for our own well being but for the generations to come. The other thing is we need to connect with others, form groups and focus on eradicating racism, poverty and violence. It's easier today to communicate with groups of people, through the internet, facebook, twitter, etc. etc. We wouldn't even know about Eric Garner if it wasn't for a man with a smartphone who knew how to upload a video on social media.  The consciousness of the people is changing, hopefully for the better. We need to help one another and the Law of Karma says if you help someone else you'll really be helping yourself.  We need to get back to caring and sharing and loving each other unconditionally.  We could start in our own individual families and the move it out to the people in our neighborhoods. The circle of Light will expand exponentially, as we use it.  On the individual level we need to clean up the pollution in our minds. We can do this by monitoring our thoughts and our words, eliminating hate speech, criticism and gossip about stuff that doesn't matter.  I was blown away when a friend told me about the hate messages on twitter and facebook about the Bobbi Christina situation.  People sending out hate who don't know her and who probably will never ever meet her.  We need to check ourselves when we feel the need to comment negatively about someone who is in crisis.  When we say negative things, our bodies are listening and we're damaging our cells.  When we come from a space of love and joy we're healing our bodies.  Regardless of what media is saying you don't have to sit there like a robot and take it all in.
Use the remote and remove yourself from the danger of ingesting negativity.  The veils between the planes is getting thinner every day.  Take advantage of this cosmic phenomenon and monitor your thoughts and words. As Rev. Charles Barker used to say "think what you want, but want what you think".  

This second New Moon in Aquarius happens on the 18th  at 6:47 pm, at 29 degrees of Aquarius. Then at 6:48pm the moon moves into Pisces. The 18th is also Ash Wednesday, a Christian event signifying the 1st day of lent.  Every year when I was a child we'd make our resolutions to stop a bad habit during lent.  But just like our New Year's resolutions we'd soon lapse into that old bad habit in a few weeks.  This year I'm promising myself that I'll not say another negative word about the weather, which has been brutal this year.  I'm not going to complain about getting up early to clean off the ice and snow on my car. Instead I'm going to silently give thanks that I have a car, due to the generosity of the good people I know.  

On the 19th, one day after the New Moon, we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Goat.  I think of the goat as the symbol that connects to Capricorn, the sign that is success oriented (climbs higher than any other). I'm not an expert on Chinese Astrology, but I'm thinking the energy is on being successful this year.  The goat is a climber that loves to climb to the top of the mountain.  Maybe the energy is to work on your specific gifts and talents to move it to a higher level?  At any rate Gung Hoy Fat Choy (Happy New Year) I wish all of you much success in your life and more joy, love, happiness and prosperity.  You deserve it.  Peace & Love, Ayesha

Monday, February 2, 2015


Full Moon in Leo, the sign that says "I Will"  has brought us in the Northeast, tons of snow, ice and freezing tempts.  Being a Leo, this is my personal full moon and a time when I try to keep my emotions in check.  Jupiter is in Leo, so whatever happens it's going to be big.  

From my point of view the only Leo that I know who has a good reason to celebrate is Tom Brady, quarterback for New England Patriots.  When I realized the Superbowl was going to be two days before the Leo Full Moon, the thought occurred to me that Brady was going to be overly emotional about something and I wanted it to be because his team didn't win.  But is was just the opposite, and now I'm blaming it on Mercury Retrograde (smile) that seems to turn things upside down. It's all right, I am disappointed that my team lost and have to keep reminding myself that it's only a game. I did wonder why Marshawn Lynch wasn't given the ball in the last minutes of the game?  I'll leave that up to my conspiracy theorists friends whom I'm sure can come up with answers (smile).  But Serena Williams did win another championship at the Australian Open.  I'm thinking she's a Libra with the Moon in Leo. She had a bad cold but dug in deep to get the win...Go Serena, you're breaking all kinds of records and have rightfully taken your place alongside tennis royalty.  


The actual date for the Full Moon in Leo is the 3rd of February, usually we start feeling the effects two days before and one day after the actual event. The Big Storm happened over night up here in the higher elevations.   Right now it's still snowing (Monday, February 2nd). It's groundhog's day and he's predicted six more weeks of winter.  We're snowed in. Nothing is moving, so it's a good time to do some inside work.  I learned from one meta physician to imagine that each snow flake is a dollar bill. She said to imagine that it's money piling up in my bank account (whoohoo!) Also to give respect to the abundance and power of nature.  It  would have to be something bigger than you and me who could create these mounds and mounds of snow. No matter what you call it,   It is beautiful and powerful because it forces us to slow down and to be patient. All we can do is sit and wait for the plow trucks to come dig us out.  Nature is telling us to go inside, to contemplate, meditate and pray.  This is a good time to work on the blockages of scarcity, lack and limitation that try to take over our conscious minds. As Rev. Michael Beckwith says, "there is no lack or limitation to the mind of God which is everywhere present".  Again, we have choice, and I choose to be happy in spite of appearances.  There's about 45 days until the Vernal Equinox...first day of Spring.  This is all going to pass. The   Ice will melt, the snow will be removed and all that will be left is the memory in our minds.  Finally going into the shed to find the sleds I stored there last summer.  Going to get my 6 year old grandchild all layered up and let her play in the snow.  I might even play too.  I used to love snow days, sledding and shoveling off the walks around our house.  It was fun for me until I grew up and started looking at snow as a distraction from my list of things to do.  The inner work is to find joy, no matter what else is happening.  It's a spiritual thing that requires will (Leo) and persistent attention to the thoughts in my mind.  


We don't know what is happening with Whitney Houston's daughter as we're depending on media for information.  What I do know is that she is a sensitive Pisces and she needs our prayers.  The story of her being found unconscious in a bath tub, stirs up the memory of how her mother died.  Someone posted a story on my facebook page that Bobbi Christina had deceased, but I checked the story and found out it was a fake. I immediately deleted it from my page. We should make it a practice to verify a story before we post it.  What we should keep in mind is that this child lost her mother not too long ago. She probably is still grieving and needs our love and support.  So instead of gossiping about what we don't know, lets keep our thoughts and prayers focused on Love, Light and Healing for Bobbi Christina, and her family. I Love You, All, Ayesha