Sunday, October 26, 2014


All this year it seems like we're experiencing two things at once. On Saturday October 25, Mercury went direct in Libra. This gives many of us a sigh of relief because the retrograde was very powerful.  We can rest easy because Mercury won't be retrograde again for the rest of this year 2014.


Attention Cardinal Signs, Mars, planet of outgoing energy went into Capricorn, the sign that says "I Use", on Sunday, October 26th. It will stay there until December 4, 2014.  So, if you're a Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, or if you have any planets in those signs, think of it as a good time to practice patience, compassion, and unconditional love.  This is not the time to push your agenda, or to be impulsive with your movements.

Back in the day when I first started studying astrology I was taught that Mars, the outgoing planet of energy was happy when it was in Capricorn, the sign that says "I Use". The two are compatible because both are goal oriented and work together to accomplish things. But later in life I observed that sometimes we can push to hard, or struggle to be right while making someone else wrong. The push becomes a shove that comes back in full force, as we go against the grain, or pick on someone who can push back harder.  Years of listening to stories from clients about accidents or injuries created when the person was not paying attention, made me change my mind about Mars in Capricorn.  Of course for the person who stays centered and mindful of his or her surroundings, this could be the best time in their life.  So for the Cardinal Signs especially:

CAPRICORN: Focus on personal goals while being patient with people who aren't moving as quickly as you think they should be.  Afterall you're the one with the Mars transit...not them!

ARIES: Treat all authority figures with respect. This is especially true if they have the power to make a decision for or against you. Drive within the speed limits and watch what you say when you're emotionally triggered.

CANCER: Realize that other people can be sensitive too. Do your best to make connections because you don't live in this world alone. Cutting people off hurts you as well as them.

LIBRA: Use Mars energy to rearrange the furniture, or do a thorough house cleaning. Then you don't have to fear having guests over for the holidays. Relax, have fun and enjoy yourself.
Your good mood will effect others in positive ways.  

Or should I say rest of you! Because I have two planets in Cancer, Libra Rising and Libra Moon so Mars will be aspecting all of them. However for Taurus and Virgo Mars will be trining your Sun and it will seem like everything is falling into your lap. Same is true for Scorpios and Pisceans, as you will be receiving a sextile aspect which brings good things from the people you know.  Now for everyone else...Gemini's can breathe a sigh of relief as Mars moves away from an opposition.  Aquarius and Leo you're in the clear for now, as your Mars transit will happen on Dec. 5th. Have no fear, it's all good.  It's not what's happening but your reaction to it that really matters. If we took the advice from the wise ones, we'd all be centered and focused and moving around in a peaceful state of mind.

With Mars in Capricorn, the winter sign, we can expect lower temperatures and maybe even some snow! Right now I'm trying to remember when I welcomed snow...many Moons ago.
Snow meant sledding and snow days when school would be closed. We would shovel and play and play and shovel, not minding the cold and hating it when grandmother would call us in to get warm and dry out our mittens.  It's different now that I've moved into the mountains.  Snow means no driving, stocking up for potential blackouts, cleaning off windshields with chemicals (who knows what's in them?) Slipping and sliding and cursing the maintenance men for not cleaning off your steps.  When the Farmer's Almanac predicted that this winter would be worse than the last I made a wish that at least this time they could be wrong.  Then I looked in my ephemeris and saw Mars going into Capricorn (winter) then into Aquarius (still winter) and I started imaging that I was on a cruise ship in the blue Carribbean Water, sitting on the deck, watching the night skies.  I still have my imagination and can be anywhere I choose to be.  Love You, All, Ayesha

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Beloveds, trying to write a blog when Mercury is still Retrograde has been a trying experience. Taking my own advice (smile) I'm being patient and consistent in my attempt to post this message.  


On Thursday morning EST, the Moon will partially pass over the Sun and we'll have a New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio.  I tried to share the link from NASA that was posted on
and it messed up the whole page. So I erased it and started over.  But if you're interested just Google It.  The Eclipse experts are warning us not to look directly at the Sun while the Eclipse is happening because it could be damaging to our eyes.  We're advised to look on the ground, on leaves or some powerful glasses created for Eclipses. However,  it sure will be tempting not to look at this mysterious event.  It will look like the Moon is taking a bite out of the Sun.  During a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse the Moon temporarily passes over the Sun, but in this case it will only be partially, from our vantage point in the Northeast.  This event will take place at 5:57pm EST. 


Earlier in the day around 7:57am EST, the Sun will move into Scorpio, then later in the day, 5:10 PM EST the Moon will go into Scorpio and partially cover the Sun at 5:57 PM.  Just giving the details for people who might be inspired to do rituals, burn sage, write spiritual goals or just do a happy dance.  It will be Scorpio time. A time of renewal, a time of healing and a time of letting go.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by both Mars planet of energy and Pluto, planet of transformation.  Scorpio people are probably the most determined people I know. If they set a goal you know they're going to do everything within their power to achieve it.  Scorpio is also the most feared sign in the Zodiac.  I have Scorpio friends who never tell people their sign because of the perceived reaction.  I think the other reason why they don't tell is because they always hold their cards close to their chest...Scorpio is the sign of secrets.  You have to know one really well before they will open up to you. Usually that happens after they've vetted you to find out who you truly are (smile).  Yet when they bond with someone through friendship or personal love they are loyal and protective and they will never tell your secrets. Scorpio is a healing sign with the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. Somewhere in their past lives they might have been alchemists who could transmute lead into gold.  The symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle. The bird who can fly higher than any other bird and the bird with keen eyesight that can spot prey miles away.  Ever notice the eyes on a Scorpio person? They seem to be looking right through you in their attempt to find out who you really are. They make good researchers and investigators as once they've decided to discover the truth they stay on it. The spiritual symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix mystical bird that can cheat death, rising out of the ashes into everlasting life.  


Disney released a song with the hook...Let it Go, Let it Go, and I was amazed to see how many children connected to it, including my 6 year old grandchild.  Got tired of hearing it all through the summer and when she told me "grandma, every kid in my class (kindergarten) knows this song", I was amazed.  The power of film is tremendous.  But in truth it is time for all of us to let it go, let it go. We need to keep our thinking in the present, release our victim stories, forgive the past and just let it go.  Yes Scorpio time is the best time to do the forgiveness work...not for the one who needs to be forgiven, but for ourselves because of the damaging effects of long held resentments.  It's not easy, but doing the right thing is not always easy. We have to do these things because we're living at a time when these made up diseases are plaguing the planet. We have to protect our immune systems, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Taking mega doses of Vitamin C will help on the physical level, and forgiving the past will help on the mental and spiritual level.  


Just as I thought I'd never again go to a movie, out comes the film by a genius writer and director called, Dear White People. Actually heard about it long before its release because a good Scorpio friend called to say she wrote the musical score for the movie.  Because of my friendship I was going to see it, if only to support her, and to see her name rolling in the credits.
We whine and complain about how bad things are and bad rap Bollywood, and all that goes with it, then Bam! In you face here comes a project that's been in the works for 7 years.  I might have to go to the city to see it though...the title scares away folks who are in fear of the truth.  What this brother did was an amazing accomplishment.  It reminds me of what I was taught years ago "the best way to show up a dirty glass is to put a clean one beside it". I love it when people are solution oriented, as opposed to problem focused.  I also love supporting my own people with time and money.  

Been on this planet 74 years and never heard of these diseases. When I heard that there's no cure for either one, my cynical mind imagined Big Pharma licking it's chops. Seems we're all being set up to get in line for some new vaccines.  But when I prayed and meditated on the situation my angels whispered "Fear Not".  Shortly after that transmission a nurse practitioner texted me saying take mega doses of vitamin C, be sure to get enough rest, and do some conscientious hand washing with soap and hot water. We have to be proactive about our health and do everything necessary to boost our immune systems.  So during the Eclipse it's a good idea to clean out the mental body and release all negative thoughts. Also set your intentions for the future and write them down.  When I have a temporary lapse into negative thinking I imagine a switch in my mind,( like a light switch) and I switch the topic to something positive...I am healthy, I am prosperous, I am loving, I am beauty.  Like that.  Come on Divine Alchemists you can do this, I know you can.  I love you all, Ayesha

Friday, October 3, 2014



Two major events this week, i.e. Mercury turns Retrograde in Scorpio from the 5th to the 26th and a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday the 8th. Both will be in October, and both could have you talking to yourself as you're walking down the street (laughing).  With what I have going on with me now, I'm already having conversations with my guides and angels and anybody else who will listen.  Last week I had a discussion with my neighbors dog, a massive rottweiler who decided to bark at me when I approached my house..."listen Max, I don't want any problem with you....we are neighbors so you just be quiet and bark at the "bad" guys". The dog looked at me, whimpered and stopped barking.  On the positive side I have also been talking to my image in the mirror (called mirror techniques), telling myself that everything is in Divine right order, that the angels are with me and I can accomplish my goals.  Those little pep talks help me to get through a hectic schedule of things to do. In the evenings I make mental notes (too lazy to write) of what I did accomplish and I'm happy if only one of them was finished.  I get up in the mornings and say a prayer of gratitude that I made it through the night because many people didn't wake up that morning.  So with these upcoming cosmic events my advice is to use everything that's in your spiritual toolkit to survive and thrive.  


Mercury starts off a 22 day retrograde period in Scorpio on October 5th. Then it slides back into Libra on the 11th and stays there until it goes direct on the 26th.  From passion, desire and transformation, to peace, harmony creativity.  You may feel passionate about what you have to say in the beginning then rethink it and find a way to communicate more lovingly.  Or if someone says something that arouses your anger, you can turn it around from a yelling match to a peaceful resolution.  What we're learning this year especially, is that we have the power to react to any situation with peace and love in our hearts. We can decide not to be the victim or to victimize anyone and we can still come out on top.  Love is the greatest power and when we opt to become Divine Alchemists we can use that power to turn lead into gold, hate into love. We also need to keep in mind that people can only act with the consciousness they have at any given moment.  If they knew better they'd do better. At least that's what my teachers always told me. It has taken many years for this truth to sink into my stubborn mind.  So glad they were patient and loving with me. They intuitively knew that one day I'd "get it".  


Sometimes during a Retrograde Mercury, things turn around for the better.  A "no" becomes a "yes" or a negative becomes a positive.  That thing you were looking for suddenly turns up, or that person you've been playing telephone tag with is suddenly on the line.  I've had the experience of running into an old friend during a Mercury Retrograde period, after trying for days to get in touch with her...then poof, she's there standing behind me in the supermarket.  So it doesn't have to be all bad but it is what you've been calling for. This is a good time to consciously monitor our talk and our self talk. It's also a good time to do the forgiveness work, to apologize and set things straight.  Bad relationships can end when one of you or both of you realize that heated words from the past was the result of anger and fear.  So go through this period with love as your agenda. Love will always create a win win situation.

Eclipses seem to intensify whatever else is going on. Aries is the warrior, but since the Full Moon is an opposition from the Sun, on the other end is the Sun in Libra.  We can all be peaceful warriors, standing up for what is right in a collective and peaceful manner. With all that's going on in the world now, guns, bombings, people losing their minds and thinking that a gun will settle their dispute only people with peace and love in their hearts will make a difference.  I sent out a movie called "Thrive" which was sent to me by a good friend.  It's a full length (free) movie that explains (their theory) what's happening on the planet today.  The movie gave a good explanation of the banking system, the health system, the energy system and the people who are controlling those vital areas of our lives.  There was also the suggestion to take a stand for what's right and for the good of all earth's inhabitants.  Basically if you don't like the way things are going, keep in mind that we "have nots" are in the majority and collectively we can take a stand (Aries) for what's right.  Early on in our lives we've been brainwashed into thinking we have no power. Our enemies have used fear tactics to keep us docile and slavishly giving into the status quo.  But on the other realms, the angels are encouraging us to wake up and do the right thing. Believe it or not, the angels got our  backs. (excuse bad grammar).When the collective will is focused on what's good for all people, good health, food, prosperity, housing, we'll do the things that will make it better for everyone.  

Up here in the mountains we're living in a cloud of fear.  Well some more than others are fearful because the police can't seem to find the shooter they've been looking for, for three weeks.  This guy killed one state trooper and wounded another one. My neighbors are generating rumors, the news is generating rumors, but to date no one seems to be able to find this man.  Schools and whole communities have been shut down during the search, and now hunting season has been canceled...making many avid hunters angry.  People are also canceling vacation plans in this area  so restaurants, hotels and resorts are suffering economically.  Maybe the Full Moon in Aries will bring this debacle to an end...and maybe not.  This man is a survivalist, a lone wolf personality who is a sharp shooter and gun lover.  Now how can one man terrorize a whole community? Just think what one person could do if their intention was for good.  Well we could change the world if we get past our fears and learn  to love one another.  Not to be redundant, but love is the answer. It always has been and all ways will be.  Love & Light, Ayesha