Saturday, November 22, 2014


"it was an accident" was the explanation for the latest police killing. Well at least they didn't tell us that the officer behaved correctly according to the manual. The usual story is they thought he had a gun, or he was resisting arrest, or he was selling loose cigarettes on the corner.  But this time they're telling us it was so dark in the stairwell, that the officer couldn't see. All I know is that another Black man has been killed by police. Another Black family is grieving and a protest is planned for tomorrow.  The Mayor promised a thorough investigation of the incident, Al Sharpton has been called by the dead man's family, and nothing has changed as we add this name to a long list of people that were killed for no reason.  

There's problem in Gotham and maybe what we need is a superhero to figure it out.  NYPD and police organizations around the country have  no respect for the people they are sworn to protect and serve...period! 
So the officer was stripped of his badge and gun and made to do administrative duty.  I'm sure his Union and friends on the force are telling him "don't worry, after the "investigation" everything will be all right".  The media is trying to sell the story by showing the dark stairwell and then updating the picture of a janitor changing the light bulb.  They tell us this police officer was a "rookie" and that should excuse his actions.  Now I'm waiting for them to pull up some retired policeman who will say they need better training. My cynical mind says "the training teaches them to kill Black people, so what difference does it make?" Will they teach them to kill better?
My rational mind says if it was so dark in the stairwell then why did this officer have his gun out? If it was so dark then why did this officer shoot a man, without at least calling out to him, or identifying himself? I think the training tells them to shoot first, ask questions later.  

There's no rational reason why these police killings continue to plague our communities. So, with the New Moon in Sagittarius, I'm going to tell the truth and shame the devil. Sorry for all of you who hate it when I pull out the race card. But if you can tell me why the majority of police killings are young Black men, then I'll be willing to listen to your theory.  In the meantime we need solutions that are meaningful and thorough. 


 In the case of NYPD, there needs to be a shakeup from the top down. To quote my daughter "the fish rots from the head". These killings happened on Bratton's watch, so he needs to go. No matter what he says about how it happened, keep in mind that he's at the head of the organization and he should be replaced. Sign a petition or start one demanding change. Write letters or emails
and use social media to rally support. Change has to happen from the top down. 

There also needs to be input from the communities to do their own policing.  I organized a community watch group back in the 70's when living in Harlem. I got all of the young men together to patrol the block. We gave whistles to the elderly people who watched from their windows.  Whenever something was about to go down, the old people will blow their whistles to alert the young men that help was needed. It worked like magic. Soon the word among thieves and thugs was to stay away from that block.   We got to know each other better when we would meet on a weekly basis.  Soon the meetings turned into fabulous networking opportunities for all who attended.  Our block soon became a warmer and friendlier place to be.  But that took work and action. We need to get involved with what's happening on our block, and block by block peace can happen.  


The other thing we could do is to change our spending habits. With the holidays upon us, we need to stop spending with people who support our oppressors.  It would seem an easy thing to think before we spend, as we keep our money in our wallet. Making crafts or homemade gifts is better than buying some expensive thing from the store.
We need to support our own businesses.  It's a feel good high when I spend with someone who lives in the community and who cares about me and mine. 


Ask your preacher to have a congregational prayer over the situation of police killings. If you think that can't happen, then maybe you need to change your church. Or you could have people over and collectively send Light to the situation...where two or three are gathered...miracles can happen.  Whether you're a Christian, Atheist, Muslim or Jew, surely what you believe is not in alignment with police killings.  I don't care what you call it, God, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh, Shiva or Buddha, the Universal Forces are about peace and love, not fear and violence. We say, "pray, then act".
Your angels or guides will help you make conscious choices and "measure your steps".  Prayer should never be an excuse to do nothing at all.  Pray then act"  We're in the midst of a crisis and being silent is not an option.
James Baldwin once said "they come for you in the morning and they'll come for me at night". It could happen to any family at any time. Blessings to the grieving family, I pray his death will help us to make signficant change for the better.  Love & Light, Ayesha

Friday, November 21, 2014



Sadly, I have to add Bill Cosby to the list of wealthy Cancerians who've been publicly lynched by media for alleged crimes and  being too uppity (is that a word?) When the stories started surfacing that Bill had been accused of rape, but never convicted and media moguls started canceling his appearances and upcoming shows, plus his old shows, my daughter texted me and asked "are you going to do Cosby's chart?" Well, I've done the other charts of Cancers like OJ Simpson,who was acquitted of murder, but convicted and incarcerated for trying to steal back property that was stolen from him,  Mike Tyson,who was convicted of rape by a woman who had accused others of rape, but who said this time sex with Mike was not consensual, and Michael Vick who did time for alleged dog fighting, a crime that was a misdemeanor until politicians  passed a quick law making it a felony. In all of these cases these very wealthy men lost careers and money as the lynch mobs demeaned them(they'll never get over OJ) and made it almost impossible for them to work again.  Vick and Tyson were taken down in their prime which to an athlete is almost like a death sentence.  Although Vick is working again, he'll  probably never be the same remarkable and talented quarterback that he was before he was incarcerated. Just when he signed the biggest contract in the history of the NFL, the people that he supported and considered friends, threw him under the bus.  So now we have Bill Cosby, who dared to produce television shows with high ratings, that had  my family,( and millions of others)  sitting down in front of the television set every Thursday night. Even with that success, Cosby kept on going, doing stand up and creating more shows. He seemed to be on top of the world until rumors and inuendos about previous alleged  rapes starting surfacing again. 


I'm on a news fast but when people started talking about it, I Googled Cosby's Chart. There's a controversy among astrologers about his actual birth time of birth, but all agree that Cosby was born on July 12, 1937.  

Bill Cosby was born with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto close together (stellium) in Cancer. It's interesting to note that his greatest success (The Bill Cosby Show) was about a Black middle class family living in Brooklyn. Family issues are very important to Cancer individuals.  Jupiter, planet of expansion and joy is in Capricorn, opposite (180 degrees) his 3 planets in Cancer.  We can see why he was gifted with comedy and very organized with his finances.  His Moon is in Virgo, right next to Neptune in Virgo. This makes him highly imaginative, a visionary  and sensitive to issues involving women and children. 


Well actually, it started coming out a long time ago and now it's resurfacing again.  We can blame that on Pluto is Capricorn, planet of transformation or degeneration that is slowly opposing his 3 planets in Cancer.  While the opposition will pass in about a year, Pluto isn't done yet because it will connect with his Jupiter in Capricorn in about 3 years and affect his bank account.  Surely the money he's paying out for legal fees and the money he's already paid out to past accusers is a hefty amount.  Add to Pluto, Mars is in Capricorn now. This shows a push from enemies  to bring him down. If he was just an ordinary person I'd advise him to watch his wallet and not to walk down dark streets.  But the forces that are attempting to "get him" come from high places. Pluto in Capricorn people have mucho power. This could be corporations and/or politicians who dance to the tune of corporate money.  If I had to guess I'd say that something that Cosby was about to do  seemed threatening enough (to people of power) to make them come after him. Since the allegations are over 20 years or more the best thing they could do is dig down deep to drag it up from the past (Pluto in Capricorn) to besmirch his reputation and paint the label of "rapist" on his forehead. We'll probably never know the truth, but every time we look at him, we'll be wondering "did he do it?" With corporate media digging up old files of interviews in order to keep this story alive, all the good that Cosby has done is being least for some people.  We were taught that the stars don't compel, they only influence and that we should rely on common sense and intuition to guide us to the Truth.  My common sense says "why would a handsome young man need to rape anyone?" Surely the women were coming at him from all walks of life, so he didn't need to drug them or force them for sex.  But the stories of rape will be quickly added to his bio. Wikipedia has already added links and links pointing to the accusations. My intuition tells me it's just another legal lynching.  

 I've done plenty of rapists charts while teaching at Riker's Island Prison. Some were guilty, others were innocent. When looking at Cosby's Solar Chart  I had to look at Venus, the Love Planet, and Mars, the Sex Planet.   Cosby has Venus in Gemini, which shows a curiosity about sex and possibly an interest in new adventures that inspires the person to be a little flaky where commitments are concerned.  These people can be flirts and find themselves involved with potential lovers through chance encounters. Now, even though Cosby has been married to the same woman for years, he probably has been guilty of an occasional dalliance, or affair. We could say well that's a man for you, and this one is wealthy and connected. That's not enough for me to consider Cosby as a rapist.
What really tells the story for a rapist is the planet Mars. Cosby has Mars in Scorpio. This placement caused me to raise my eyebrows.  Mars in Scorpio people are intense and have been known to be addicted to sex. But we need more to consider the rape squares (90 degree angles) to Mars from Pluto or Uranus.  But Cosby's Mars is in trine (120 degree angle) to his three planets in Cancer, and sextile (60 degree angle) to his Neptune/Moon conjunction.  He has had many opportunities to find sexual partners and might have been involved with women outside of his marriage, but there's no astrological evidence that supports rape.  Consensual sex, yes, rape no way!

In this country a man is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. That works for some, doesn't work for many other innocent people who are now incarcerated, especially if they're  poor and Black.  It's legal lynching folks, the same legal lynching used in the Central Park Case, where 5 innocent boys were convicted and incarcerated for a rape they didn't commit. There was not a shred of evidence, but corporate media and police made sure the story stayed in the news. This made it impossible to find a jury who hadn't been effected (brainwashed) by the news. But the legal lynching of Cosby won't need a trial because the people who are after him only want to diminish his effect on the masses, and also his financial status. It also will  effect  all of us Black and proud people who hold him in high esteem.  Reminds me of the historical lynchings in slavery and post slavery where other slaves were forced to watch. This created fear in the watchers and was a warning from slave owners to be careful,  or you'll be next.We're the watchers, people and our consciousness is being effected big time.We are witnessing the legal lynching of a powerful man. What is ole massa trying to teach us? I think the message is, "no matter how rich and powerful you are,  we still  can bring you down."   Not saying here that Bill Cosby is a perfect man because I'm sure he has his flaws. I've heard from people who were on the Cosby Show and others who were technicians on the show who've told me he was moody (3 planets in Cancer) sometimes demanding perfection (Moon in Virgo) and sometimes a taskmaster(Mars in Scorpio). We see these personality traits in his Solar Chart, but none pointing to "rapist".  Yet, the story is blowing up with previous sex partners coming out for their 10 minutes of fame. 

This legal lynching is effecting all of us, whether we believe he's innocent or guilty.   I would suggest that you turn off the news and sit quietly, with no distractions and ask your guides or angels for the Truth.  I'm sure you WON'T  get it on the evening news (smile). May the force of Love & Light, be with you. Peace and Bright Blessings, Ayesha 
P.S. Hang in there Bill, this too shall pass!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The Sun enters Sagittarius early in the morning on Saturday, November 22nd, then 4 hours later the Moon connects with the Sun and we have a New Moon in Sagittarius, the sign that says "I Perceive" or "Yes I Can", or "tell the truth and shame the devil". I got that last one from my Sagg daughter one day when I was trying to explain to her that it's not nice to hurt people's feelings by telling them things that might make them feel bad. As a mother I felt duty bound to teach this little one tact, but sadly, she didn't get it.  "but Mommy, that lady is fat" "yes she is but saying it to her makes her feel bad". After a long lecture about the power of the spoken word she blurted out "oh, I just tell the truth and shame the devil!" Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign with Jupiter as its ruling planet. They are typically happy people, outgoing and active, generous and kind. Their symbol is the Archer riding on a horse that is half animal and half human. My teacher said they aim their arrows but don't care where they fall. They can be impulsive and they can suffer from foot in mouth disease when they blurt out things that were probably better left unsaid.  With Jupiter, planet of expansion and joy as their ruler they often get through sticky situations by the skin of their teeth.  Sagittarius is the ultimate optimist that always seem to land on their feet, or who receive help literally in the 11th Hour.  The Jupiter connection can either be their blessing or their curse because they have a tendency to go too far and no idea of when to quit. They love to have a good time and to liven up a party, often being the last one to leave. They can be accident prone, especially as children because they have to learn to look before they leap.  They rarely will go out of their way to hurt anyone, but do suffer from self undoing. On the spiritual level they came to this earth knowing that "truth is one, paths are many".  (Swami Satchidananda) 

New Moon in Sagittarius is a good time to check into our happiness meter and have some good belly laughs and spread the joy around.  Laughter is contagious. Just try laughing out loud for no reason and see how many people "catch it". I saw a video on facebook of a woman laughing on the subway, apparently for no reason and then other people started laughing and soon the whole train full of people were laughing hysterically. Laughter releases chemicals from our brains that are designed to heal our bodies.  So as you go about your day look for something to laugh about, and let it rip.  Yes, these are tense times on the money level and the health level, but if you get stuck in a habit of whining and complaining about conditions you'll lose the ability to just be happy for no reason. 
You could also start a thankfulness journal and at least for one day, write down the things that you are grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude should lift your spirits.  Or watch videos of comedians, or funny movies.  It's up to you to stay on point with your level of happiness. You can be happy no matter what else is going on in your life.  What you focus on will surely expand and grow in your consciousness. Temporarily forget about the things that cause you to worry and enjoy your day. Worry and fear constrict the muscles, while laughter and joy do the opposite. 
The Moon will be in Aquarius on the holiday. Aquarius is the sign that represents all of humanity. We're having people over for dinner that come from all walks of life, from in-laws to neighbors and relatives we haven't seen in a very long time. For years we didn't celebrate the holiday on Thursday because we tied into our Native American roots and the true story of that dinner they taught us about in school. Then one holiday we realized that members of our meditation group were sad because they had no place to go. We made a collective decision to cook and invite them over and while saying a prayer for the ones who were lost on that day, we also gave thanks for the blessings we were enjoying now.  We can make this day what we want it to be.  If you're not invited for dinner, how's about inviting someone over and making dinner.  That might mean getting out of your own way and reaching out to neighbors in your community.  Or you could sign up to volunteer in a soup kitchen and feed people who are hungry.  Whatever it is you decide to do, only do it if it feels good. Don't do it if doesn't feel good. Make the decision to be happy for what you have right now, and share it with others.  The old traditions are fading away as we opt for new traditions that are more meaningful.
Interesting that corporations that feed off of our lust for material things named the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. Regardless of the reason why, there will be many people caught in the illusion that if they camp out all night in front of a store (in the cold) they'll get a good deal. Year after year, people actually fight, some have been killed to take advantage of bogus sales. No thought of humanity, no thought of the people who work there and have had to cut their holiday short in order to keep their's just a me, me, me situation, with pushing and shoving, grabbing and getting. There is a move to boycott these Black Friday rituals because of the violence and abuse that occurs. What the materialists among us don't realize is that the so called sales will happen again before Xmas, trust me, I've checked this one.  Don't believe the hype that something outside of yourself is going to make you happy. Happiness is an internal condition, not an external condition.  Make it your plan to be happy, just because you woke up this morning. Many people have gone on to the other side and won't enjoy the privilege of being alive.  Give thanks that the water turned on in the bathroom, that you have food to eat, and people in your life who love and support you. Take a message from Jupiter that constantly tells us "what you focus on will expand and grow in your life".  Enjoy your holiday. I give thanks for all of you who are reading this message. Love & Light, Ayesha