Friday, December 19, 2014



When the Sun moves into Capricorn we have the winter solstice, which happesn to be the longest night and the shortest day of the year. This year the New Moon in Capricorn happens on the same day as the Winter Solstice.   The other Solstice happens on the first day of Summer when the Sun moves into Cancer. Ancients used to celebrate the solstices and the equinoxes in the spring and fall when the day and night were equal.  In today's world most people are just busy preparing for Xmas or Kwanzaa and wondering how we let ourselves get into this mess every year.  I tell people they were brainwashed when they were children and what went into their subconscious minds is still controlling them. They look at me like I'm crazy as they mumble "but I have to do it". Metaphysically speaking, the winter solstice is a good time to do healing rituals and/or say prayers/affirmations designed to erase fears of lack and limitation.  It's a good time ro reconnect with the divine source within that is always providing our needs. This is a good time to give as well as receive. When I counsel people around this time who are depressed, we have to talk about Xmas and how it was for them as children. Then we have to talk about the power of the conscious mind and how their expectations of how things should be are triggering negative thoughts. Years of working on the suicide hotline have let me know the downward spiral of depression usually begins around the winter solstice and continues on into Xmas.  That is probably why statistically, more suicides are committed during the Xmas season.  


In spite of what Big Pharma tells you, it is possible to lift from depression without taking harmful drugs. But, if your doctor prescribes them and you believe they can help you, there is no shame in taking them.  In 2013 when my daughter died, and I had to move, and then my granddaughter jumped out a window and I was given my 5 year old great grandchild to raise, I was walking around like a zombie. I finally gave into loved ones pleas to go get a check up from my primary care doctor.  After checking all my vitals and talking to him for a minute he pulled out his prescription pad and told me "you're clinically depressed". Ummm, really? Yes I was real sad, but how could he diagnose me as being "clinically depressed?" He's known me for years and knows how I feel about prescribed medicine. Still he filled out the prescription for a drug while saying "and I know you probably won't take them". He was right. I rushed home googled "natural ways to cure depression" and read for hours.  For one thing, death and moving were ranked high on the list for causes of depression, and I had both. Then I read about serotonin levels and how to raise them naturally. Sunlight, exercise, meditation, connecting with others who share same values, were all listed as ways to raise the serotonin levels and lift from depression.  I felt like I was on a mission from God, as I made regular visits to our outdoor pool to sit in the sunlight, and regular visits to the indoor pool to do laps.  I joined a bereavement group in my community which was a safe place for me to vent and to realize that there were others who were in the same situation, some worse than me.  Also I found out that being grateful for things lifted my spirits, even if those things were small things that I once took for granted.  I made it a ritual to get up in the morning and saying "thank you" then repeating it when the toilet flushed, the shower turned on, when the toothpaste and toothbrush were there for me to use.  I said thank you to the computer as it booted up and thank you for the emails that people sent to me.  Realizing that there are some people in my community who were homeless, didn't have access to a shower or a computer made me even more thankful for what I had. I gave thanks for my grandchild who seemed to get excited over everything she saw "look Grandma there are 5 deer in the backyard!" My search for answers took me to websites on depression and I discovered that I've had low level depression my whole life.  It was my early studies in metaphysics that inspired me to fight depression like an unwanted intruder who might be trying to break into my house.  I found that upbeat music was a lifter, also watching comedians on television or youtube became a favorite past time.  


There are many people that I counsel or just talk to at the school bus stop who say they're up one day, down the next.  I could relate to that because I've been experiencing the same thing.
We could blame it on the cosmos and that intense square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Or bringing it down to earth, we could blame it on the constantly negative news about police getting away with murdering totally innocent people.  I think the most healthy people these days are the ones who took to the streets, yelled and screamed and let that pent up bad energy out.  But if you sat on the energy and gave yourself excuses as to why you didn't join the others, or if you let your addictions take over (no judgment here because we're all addicted to something), you're probably feeling guilt along with depression.  Interesting that Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), says that depression is repressed rage. She talks about letting it out safely by pounding a pillow or getting in your car with the windows closed and screaming loudly. It seems we're living in a world where extremes are constant.  The solution is to try not to go too high and not to go too low. Our quest must be to find a balance, some how, some way.
We can be creative in finding reasons to celebrate our lives. The Winter Solstice, Xmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa are seasonal reasons to be with loved ones, to give and to love uncondtionally. You don't have to go over the top with spending to share love with people...a smile, and kind hug, a blessing, a thoughtful email, a greeting card for someone special, a cheerful attitude which is contagious to everyone around you...these are inexpensive gifts that are long lasting.  The reason why I like the Winter Solstice is because incrementally the days will start to get longer until the Spring Equinox. That means more light coming in day by day.


When I think about how hard my grandmother worked during the Xmas holiday, I also think about how hard I used to work to make this a good Xmas for my children. Grandmother was a hardworking Taurus woman with a Virgo Moon. Everything had to be just perfect during this time. In fact she started doing her Xmas shopping in July and when Xmas came, the presents were already wrapped and stored in her closet.  She also cooked up a storm, making Xmas cookies, washing the good china and cleaning the silverware months before she cooked Xmas dinner. My favorite Xmas memory was the whole family gathered around the piano singing Xmas Carols. My grandmother and Aunt Rebecca would take turns playing the piano. Later I realized they were self taught. But this hardworking Taurus woman died at age 73 with a massive heart attack. I wondered if she had just worn out her body after all those years of planning, cleaning, cooking, shopping to make sure we had a "good" Xmas.  In 2014 there are woman who feel  obligated to wear themselves out as they try to replicate what their mothers or grandmothers did for them. But there are many women who've opted out of the whole thing as they listen to their bodies and spend within their budgets and find creative ways to celebrate without wearing themselves out.  Children learn from our example so don't fool yourself into believing that they have to have everything they see on television. Knowledge is power so most of us know that corporate greed is the reason why every time this year there are many commercials aimed at children who will tell you they want this or that. A curious thing that psychologist talk about...children seem to get sick or act out during this time. I think it's because they are picking up the stress from the adults in their world.  Plus many of them have been threatened since September that "if you don't behave Santa won't give you anything". I've heard mothers warning their children months in advance of Xmas.  By the time the big day arrives children are a bundle of nerves and anxious. Some have eaten too much candy and Xmas sweets and you have a perfect reason why the child is off kilter. Their routine and schedules have changed and basically they are stressed to the max. You can change this scenario by being the calm in the middle of the storm. If you can move easily and gracefully through this season you'll be demonstrating to your children that they can do the same. Also try not to do everything yourself. If you're children are old enough, get them to help you with all the extra chores. If there are other adults in the household enlist their aid in helping you with your things to do list.  The thing not to do is to teach your children that a material thing will bring them happiness. One year when me and my ex spent over the top for our children, he got really agitated when the children spent more time playing with the empty boxes than the expensive latest toys that we bought.  Children are naturally creative and are happy when we spend quality time with them. So become a child again and figure out how to spend your  holidays in a less stressful way.  Enjoy your special day(s) with Love & Light, Ayesha

Sunday, December 14, 2014



I was at the March on Washington in 1963. It was hot. It was peaceful. We were young and optimistic about the future. We claimed it a victory because one year later the Civil Rights Act was passed.  Most of us who marched were unaware that behind the scenes there was a huge disagreement between the organizers and various groups that supported the March.  Some wanted civil disobedience, others wanted a peaceful march, with speeches at the end.  We didn't know at the time that John Lewis and Martin Luther King were forced to edit out incendiary language from their speeches that might fire up the crowd. Later in life, when I started seriously studying astrology, I looked at the chart for the March and saw that Uranus, the planet of revolution and freedom was right next to Pluto, the planet of transformation. This dynamic duo was in Virgo, the sign of work, health and service.  The focus for the 1963 March was jobs and freedom. Uranus and Pluto stayed connected during the 60's and you might say it was the birth of the Civil Rights Movement.  You might say that Uranus/Pluto was the New Moon effect that planted the seeds for what's happening now.  We were young and naive back then because we thought if we did the right thing all the racism and prejudice would be erased so that our children and grandchildren would live in a better world.  What we didn't realize was that racism and prejudice is a disease. The disease had infected  everyone who believed that white skin was superior to Black skin.  Even with all the marching, sit ins, arrests, incarcerations,  assassinations, the  collective pain of a people who were subjected to inequality  was going to get worse. The beast we were fighting only got stronger and bigger. Uranus woke up some of us, Others opted to go along with the status quo, and only hoped and prayed that their lives would get better. What we didn't know was that Pluto was working underneath the surface to make sure that the next rebellion would be quickly put down with military weapons, a militarized police force and a judicial system that would protect their assassins. The activists in the 60's got older and were content to tell their stories to anyone who would listen.  From a cosmic perspective we failed to notice the power of Pluto which can't be moved by yelling and screaming. On the outer levels there did seem to be some change but underneath it all our oppressors only dug in deeper, got elected to political positions and were appointed to jobs on the police force where they could control the underclass more efficiently. Their diseased minds still saw Black people as less than they were. Their superiority complexes made it easier to incarcerate us in greater numbers, kill us and keep us in impoverished conditions.  They had a plan (Pluto) while we were only reacting (Uranus) to their devious plan. 


Bring it up to date, on December 13, 2014, there was another March on Washington. This time Uranus and Pluto are squaring each other, from Aries to Capricorn. But wait a minute there were other marches that same day, in New York City, California and it seems, across the nation.  Not just one group of people but many groups of people protesting the incessant brutal murders of Black men by various police organizations. When Grand Jurys in two cities, Ferguson and New York refused to indict killer cops for the murders of  two unarmed Black men, it was like a tipping point for lovers of freedom and justice all over the country.  People ran out in the streets, yelled screamed, some got arrested, but the crowds kept coming.  Finally the mothers and fathers of the murdered victims decided to go to Washington to demand justice.  Unalike the first March on Washington that took years to organize (no social media) this one was announced on a Wednesday for a march on Saturday. Plus other marches were planned to take place simultaneously with the March on Washington. Interesting the date was 12/13/14 . I'll leave the analysis of the numbers to a numerologist who is qualified to interpret it.  But Uranus/Pluto are square all week, in the signs of Aries and Capricorn, two cardinal signs that are action oriented.  This time people are more informed and can look beyond the surface of the problem to see what's really going on underneath.  The realization has set in that it's not only the degenerate psychotic policemen who are killing our people, but the powers behind them, the prosecutors that make sure there's no indictment and the powers behind them that make sure they keep their position. Even us old heads "get it" now. The disease of racial hatred goes deep into the system. It has infected even ordinary citizens who might serve on the jury, and the powerful ones in office who are there to maintain the status quo.  We look at Uranus in Aries for the reason why these recent police murders have hit the tipping point, making people jump up and move, yell and shout, lay down in the streets and say "this has to stop". But then there's good old Pluto in Capricorn (government, politicians) determined to protect the status quo. One astrologer, Jeff Jawer of described Pluto in Capricorn as the tip of the iceberg. The real strength is underneath the tip. To me that means we have to do more than yell and scream to rid ourselves of this demonic force. While yelling and screaming might temporarily relieve us from pent up stress, the real work has to be done when we're calm and quiet and open to find real solutions.  My youngest daughter sent me a picture of herself and my grandson who is a senior in Howard University.They are holding a sign that says "Black Lives Matter". Obviously they were attending the March in Washington, D.C. I couldn't go to any of the marches, but thought if I did go I'd get a sign that said "I'm tired of this s---t!" But we can't get tired, we have to keep moving forward.  Uranus and Pluto will have it's last square in March 2015 and I don't know what will come up again. We all have to stay in the Light, pray for protection and wisdom while these powerful planets do their dance.  The God I believe in is one of love, peace and righteousness. Uranus and Pluto are acting like a strong colonic for our spiritual systems. It's bringing out all the filth and gunk from our intestines. Some of it is ugly, some of it smells, but our bodies are healthier after the unwanted feces are removed.  Stay strong, keep the faith. Love & Light, Ayesha 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


How many of us are surprised that yet another grand jury has failed to indict a killer cop?  Ummm, this is the time we're living in and just another wake up call for all of us.  With the Full Moon in Gemini building up strength... becoming totally full on Saturday, there's a lot of talk going on, or should I say debate? One side is thoroughly convinced that Eric Garner's death was unjustified, the other side convinced he deserved what he got.  One thing I know is the media is eating it all up and probably frantic to get people on air to share their point of view. 


On Monday I made a vow to stay out of the media frenzy, no matter what happened.  In the past I excused my curiosity by telling myself "I'm just monitoring to see which one is the most racist".  I belonged to a media group and it was my job to report back my findings.  That group no longer exists so I have no excuse for vegging out in front of the evening news.  The test is to stay centered in Higher Consciousness no matter what the appearances are.  If you recognize that sentence, it's in the Oath of Manifestation. The test is to stay away from angry debate or to get angry with people who disagree with me.  The test is to stay focused on what I want, as opposed to what I don't want.  


I want the killing of Black men (and women) to stop now! That would mean to punish the people who are doing the killing. I want the people who have no regard for Black life to be put away for a long time, no matter if they are thugs in the hood or badge wearing policemen.  I want everyone involved in the grand jury process to be held accountable. I want people to stand up against the killers in their communities...cops and the thug next door.  I want to get rid of the fear that something horrible could happen to the young men (or old men) in my family. 

For starters I could get more involved in the election process and know the people I'm voting for when I step into the booth.
The prosecutors in New York and Ferguson were elected, or as my cynical friends say "selected". Either way they got their jobs  through an elective process.  I could also get to know the people in my community, and start going to community meetings. I could get to know the families of teenagers by at least speaking to them when I pass them on the street. Little steps, baby steps but all leading to a good cause.  I could join the thousands of people who are protesting this recent injustice, even it it means being arrested. Been there, done that, too many times to mention. But it appears it's time to do it again. I could write a letter, make a phone call and express my disappointment (or rage) at how things are going in my world.  The spirits of the souls who have been murdered by police are crying out for justice. I can name some of them...Eleanor Bumpers, Edmond Perry, Michael Stewart, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell,  Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and that's just right off the top of my head.  
You might not think there's a spiritual connection but from my vantage point, it's all spiritual.  The angels are calling us up to do what we can do to make this a safer world for our families.
Mothers are grieving, fathers are crying, and families are hurting. We need to sit quietly and listen for the answers. We waste precious energy just talking about the problem, and what we may be directed to do requires stamina.  It also requires courage to stand up for what you believe.  There are many metaphysical techniques I've learned from my teachers that I know will work.  Just two or three highly committed people can call for justice on a Higher level and it will come to pass. The one power that we have is spiritual. It's free, it's perfectly legal and effective.  The problem is we've become distracted from our source and disconnected from our power. There is only one power that comes from one source. Tap into it and miracles happen right in front of your eyes.  This is a wake up call. Are you awake? Or will you just turn over and go back to sleep? Feeling your pain, as I'm feeling my own pain. Keep the Light around you. Ayesha