Monday, September 8, 2014


Beloveds, the last Super Moon for the year will happen tonight with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is the 3rd Super Moon in a row with the first one in July, second one in August and this one in September.  Technically a Super Moon is in Perigee which is closer to the earth then when the Moon is in Apogee, which is far away from earth.  


Actually the phrase "SuperMoon" was created by an astrologer and later picked up by the scientific community.  Since all Full Moons seem to increase our emotions then the SuperMoon has a bigger impact on our feelings.  That would explain why so many people have felt overly sensitive or that their emotions seem to be on a roller coaster ride...up one minute, down the next.  My advice to people who are feeling these shifts in emotions is to take it one day at a time and to just flow with it.  


Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac and the keywords are "I Believe".  Pisces is also the sign that rules Black people. At least that's what I learned when studying astrology with Kanya KeKhumba at Hunter University back in the late 60's.  When Kanya laid out his theory as to why the Black race in America was ruled by Pisces it made sense to me and I've lectured on the theory and have a book in draft on the subject.  Pisces is the sign that is ruled by two planets...Jupiter, planet of expansion and Neptune, planet of spirituality.  I can remember Kanya saying that Black people are escapists in nature, either getting high on drugs or alcohol or getting high on Jesus.  Either way it was an attempt to excape the harsh cruel realities of life.  Whether you accept this theory or not doesn't matter. However when the Full Moon is in Pisces just look into your own life and observe the things you do to escape from the everyday grind.  For some it would be emotional eating, or listening to your favorite songs, for others it could be sex or football, or tennis (my great escape). Even though I had plenty of things to do yesterday when the Moon first entered Pisces, I vegged out in front of the television waiting for the Women's Final at the US Open, to see whether Serena could accomplish her 3rd win in a row. I didn't take telephone calls, and became completely annoyed when a neighbor rang my doorbell. "what does she want" I grumbled to myself, "doesn't she know the Women's finals are on?"  It was also interesting to note that Serena, who breezed through her match was more emotional than ever when she won. Being an astrologer and knowing the Moon was entering Pisces, I understood.  When her opponent jokingly said "you'll have to pay for drinks", I thought to myself "yes go out and party, but don't over do it.  Because with the Moon in Pisces it's important to do everything in moderation.  Congratlulations Serena for winning yo
your 18th Grand Slam and catching up to the other women who've achieved that goal

Yes, the Full Moon, SuperMoon in Pisces is upon us.  You may feel more lethargic than ever and your imagination might be working over time. We called out for dinner yesterday because no one felt like cooking or getting dressed to go out and eat.  We blamed it on the Moon in Pisces, knowing that this too shall pass.   July and August were high emotional times with the news about police brutality, people marching and upset, funerals and more funerals. So September is a good month to come back to center, to focus on goals and to start getting ready for the winter, which the Farmer's Almanac promises will be worse than last year's.  How could it get any worse, was my complaint. Just thinking of the ice in the parking lot and on my car windows was enough to make me shudder. February of last year I was ready to pack up and move to a warmer climate. But I made it through with two gallons of de-icer, my boots, gloves and winter jacket.  The thought came to me that even though the Farmer's Almanac is usually right, they could be wrong this time.  Or was that just wishful thinking? Either way, if we made it through last year's winter, we'll get through this one.  For one thing let's just enjoy the present moment and stop worrying about the future.  A wise person said we create our future in the present. What we're thinking about now is creating our future. So I'm thinking about swimming laps in a warm pool. Taking a shower in peppermint soap, and putting shea butter all over my body afterwards.  It's all good and it is all right.  Love and sweet blessings, Ayesha

Friday, August 22, 2014


BELOVEDS,  the Sun and Moon will both be in Virgo, creating the New Moon on Monday, August 25th.
New Moons are always best times to make new starts.  Since this New Moon is in Virgo, it's a good idea to clean out the clutter in your house and more importantly in your mind.  Virgo is a detailed and analytical  sign that loves to serve and do the necessary things to make others happy.  Virgo can also be the cynic, the skeptical one that finds fault very easily.  We often find them in the medical field or in professions where details really matter.

Yes, I looked up his birthdate and found that Eric Gardner was born on September 15th. Eric Gardner was lynched in Staten Island by NYPD while some samaritan was filming it with his cell phone. Thus we saw the lynching numerous times, as the police apologists and big brass made excuses.  One even dared to say what we saw wasn't what we saw. In other words "don't believe your lying eyes".  But we saw Eric being choked, stomped and held down while he screamed "I can't breathe".  In spite of their pitiful excuses for lynching this man, their coroner said the death was a homicide.  But before we could catch our breath, a policeman in Ferguson, MO, lynched a teenager named Mike Brown and Ferguson erupted with demonstrations in the face of militarized police and nights of being tear gassed profusely.  Demonstrators marched in the face of the untrained and surely scared police, many were arrested for "failure to disperse". So while we were focused on Ferguson, police lynched another young Black man in St. Louis, and thanks to smart phones that killing was also caught on video. What happened in the video was opposite of what police said when they chose to get "out front" on the story.  So with my count, at least three Black males were killed this August. And that's not the whole story because there were others too, in California, New York (again), and somewhere else in the Mid-West.  These others didn't make mainstream news.


What is going on in this country and why are these lynchings happening now?  When we look at the position of two planets, i.e. Uranus, planet of change, and Pluto planet of transformation or degeneration we astrologers get the picture.  Back in the 60's Uranus and Pluto were together in Virgo, and the civil rights movement broke out.  We carried signs that said "Police Brutality Must Stop" or simply "Freedom Now", We upset the status quo, and some things changed, or were covered over, and we went back to sleep. But now Uranus and Pluto are squaring each other, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. All that  was hidden in the 60's is coming up to the surface. It never went away, but we have smart phones to witness the atrocities against our people.You might say that the 60's was just the tip of the iceberg. We thought it was bad then, with children being attacked by police dogs, beat down by police and knocked over with water cannons.  Now we're seeing police with military weapons, police dogs, and tear gas that is far worse than water.  We also know that what's done to one of us could happen to all of us.  


Neptune, planet of spirituality, dreams and visions is in that sign that it rules...Pisces the Fish that are tied together by a single cord.  . Black people are Pisces People, and that single cord lets us all know that we are connected.  We are a strong and resilient people with a power deep inside that has overcome everything. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and joy. Even in the face of the evils of racism we still remain optimistic and dedicated to Truth...well some of us.  Pisces is the sign of the escapist, the one who will do anything to escape reality. That explains to me why so many of our people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, food, and sex.  Some find pleasure in getting high on Jesus and waiting on the Lord to solve our problems, while others can tap into the power within to find solutions.  I read about a group of African Women who decided their situation was so intolerable that they came together and "Prayed The Devil Back To Hell"...and it worked.  It wasn't magic, it was the mere focus on the power within and the ability to focus on a positive solution.  We all have that power. We can collectively stop and pray at the same time and envision the justice that needs to take place.  I have no faith in secret juries, wicked prosecutors, or people who are allegedly here to protect and serve.  I do have faith that a Divine power is inside of all of us and that power will trump all the obstacles put in our path.  With Neptune in Pisces until 2025, we need to connect to this energy and use it in positive ways.  While we're hating on Daniel Pantaleo (choke hold cop) and Darren Wilson (shooting cop) we could use that energy more productively, in spiritual ways.  I have no faith in man's law, but total faith in God's law...the law of karma, sowing and reaping still prevails.  Directed prayer is better than, staying in anger, sadness, or depression, which can negatively affect the systems in the physical body.  A good time to start a new approach to an old problem is on the New Moon in Virgo.  Remember insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results.  Be open and receptive to a new/old way of handling the pain.  Love & Light, Ayesha  

Friday, August 8, 2014


Beloveds, the 2nd of three Supermoons happens on Sunday, August 10, 2014. This is the 2nd of 3 Supermoons happening this year. The last one will be on September 8th.  The Supermoon on August 10th will be in Aquarius, a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus.


The term "Supermoon" was coined by an astrologer and apparently has been picked up by the scientific community at NASA.  If you want more technical information just google NASA SUPERMOON. Supermoons happen when the orbit of the Full Moon is in Perigee, or closer to the earth than other Full Moons. Because of the closeness to the earth, we earthlings feel the magnetic pull more directly than in other times. We can look at the weather and get a sense of how this specific Supermoon is affecting earth's weather systems.  There is one hurricane off the east coast (named Bertha) and two hurricanes right now headed towards Hawaii.  As with all Full Moons we will be "feeling it" two days before and two days after it appears. What makes this Supermoon special is the meteor shower that usually comes around this time that will be shooting off meteors at a fast pace.  The brightness of the Supermoon may make it difficult to see the meteors, but just know that they are present.  


Aquarians will be feeling this Supermoon more personally because it's in the sign of Aquarius.  Also Leos will be "feeling it" because the Sun is in Leo. The other fixed signs will be "feeling it" too, i.e. Taurus and Scorpio. However generally, all inhabitants of earth will be affected, either personally or from close contact of someone in their circles.  Supermoon in Aquarius the sign that says "I Know",  begs the question: "what do you think you know?" This is the time to put into practice the things you think you know. If you're experiencing stuff that is less than desirable then take a minute out and connect to your Higher knowing to recenter and be what it is you say you believe. Do you believe that you're living in a friendly universe? Do you believe that angels are here to support you when you're in need?  Do you believe that all things are working together for your good? That all your needs are met? Then stop talking about it and embrace it. Someone sent me an email: "what's up with NYPD?" She had attached videos of police wilding out, kicking a handcuffed man in the head, pulling a woman (half naked) out of her shower, and of course the video of the famous chokehold that killed Eric Gardner.  I wrote back to her that these miscreants do what they do because they can. That as long as we only talk to each other about these injustices they will continue. Most of us are asleep and unless police oppression happens to us or one of our loved ones we wake up for a minute and then go back to sleep.  Someone referred to this behavior as the "sheep affect". One sheep looks the wolf in the face, is slapped down, then the other sheep just bury their heads and pretend not to see because they fear being slapped down...or something like that. But how can we expect things to change when right in our neighborhoods we don't rise up when Black children are killing other Black children? When we reach the level of consciousness to really care about the killing of any child no matter who did it, these killings will cease.  We are all connected. What happens to me, happens to you. If we internalize our anger our bodies will be negatively affected, i.e. hypertension, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, the diseases that run rampant in our communities.  

One thing that you've got to know is that things are bad. Look around you and see the suffering that's going on, in our communities and in this country. I know that things could be better if we would collectively take our heads out of the sand and deal with the truth. We might not be able to solve all our problems immediately but  we meed to just recognize that there  are problems. Those problems can be solved when we unite in love for ourselves and each other. We can find solutions. Yesterday was my birthday and instead of planning a party I layed around on the couch feeling lack luster and sad. Family dramas had me down. Couldn't believe  what was going on. Then I went to Agape Live and listened to Wednesdays message from Rev. Beckwith. As usual he hit the nail on the head and talked about the need to focus on solutions rather than problems. Because as I always knew, what we focus on increases. He urged us to pray for solutions and to focus on what we really wanted. That made me change my focus on what I really wanted. Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance and Safety for my great grands and family.  While I don't have the solutions right now, just focusing on what I wanted, helped to lift my spirits.  Two of my great grands are being thrown back into the system (oh me, oh my), however I'm praying they will be safe and protected, loved and well taken care of. I've stopped shaming and blaming people who are only doing what their consciousness would have them to do. It is all good. God Bless Jamir and Jaymya, may the angels be with you now and forever more. Love & Light, Ayesha