Friday, July 25, 2014


The New Moon in Leo,happens on Saturday, July 26th.  Leo is a  fixed fire sign and it  rules the 5th House of Love in the astrology chart. Now we have a golden opportunity to recalibrate our love energy. I'm not talking about personal love for one specific person...but Divine Love for the Higher Power, ourselves and others.


I woke up this morning feeling off centered and thinking about the man who was choked to death by the police last week.  Why do they keep killing our people? I asked my guardian angels. The answer came zooming back to me..."because they can". There are no consequences for a cop who kills a Black man.
He even benefits with a two week vacation (called desk duty) and receives accolades from his peers. He knows that his union and superiors will speak for him "he was just doing his job", and he will benefit from a biased media that will back him up by making the victim appear to be guilty. He knows that if there's a cry for justice coming from the community, that it will all go away and he can go back to work and forget about it. 

 Then I remembered the dream I had of Michael Stewart who was also killed by police. In the dream I was crying profusely and Michael popped in.  He looked at me and asked "why are you crying?" I gave him a long answer about the many people who've been lynched in our history and some of the more recent murders, like Eleanor Bumpers, Edmond Perry, etc. etc.  He smiled at me and said "Don't something!". I used my creative energy and wrote a song for Michael, and then one about police brutality.  Then I joined the pitiful demonstration at city hall, hugged his friends and loved ones then went back to my busy schedule...till the next one, and then the next one and then the next one. I wondered if all of these killings had desensitized me from the brutal facts.  The bottom line for me is that these police killings and lack of justice, coverups, and lies, press conferences by police brass "we were just doing our job", will go on forever until we learn to love more.  We need to feel the connection between us and the victims and take each killing they were our relatives.  Where is the love and compassion for innocent people who die at the hands of the police? It will keep happening because they know they can get away with it, and because collectively we don't love enough.  


Rev. Beckwith's theme for this month was "Change Your Fate: Recalibrate".  The New Moon in Leo is a perfect time to reset our intentions and to love ourselves, and others unconditionally.  The idea that there's a separation between me and you is an illusion, the Hindu's call it "Maya".  Love is not an intellectual energy, it's a feeling energy. We can talk about and write about the horrors of police killings but until we start to feel it deep down inside, we're just wasting our time.  We're all so busy these days, trying to deal with our basic needs, but I'd guess that there isn't anyone who hasn't seen the most recent police murder. Thanks to a young man who took out his cell phone and videotaped it, the images are all over the television and internet.
We heard the audio and the dying man repeatedly saying "I Can't Breathe!" We were all impacted by this dreadful scene, whether we know it or not.  When will we get angry enough to collectively stop these murders?  We don't need a leader to plead with us to come out and say "stop these murders now". When we collectively grow to the level outrage for the killers and unconditional  love for the victim, then we will just automatically get involved. We will focus on solutions that will benefit everyone. We will go to that meeting, join that group and unify with everyone who wants  these murders to stop. Leo the Lion says "stand up, strong and tall .you're the greatest of them all, if on courage you must call, then keep on trying and trying and trying. You're a Lion, in your own way you're a Lion" (from the Wiz).   

New Moon in Leo might find you stubbornly holding on to your ideas of how things should be, or fiercely defending your point of view.  Fixed signs like Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are slow to open up to new challenges.  Quite frequently they are stuck in the past while refusing to open up to new ideas.  Sometimes they have to hit the wall, numerous times before they change directions.  The good thing about Leo people is their ability to love, their love of drama and the arts their courage to stand for truth  in the face of adversity.   On Saturday decide to love yourself and/or others unconditionally. Use your creative imagination and visualize yourself as being royalty, a Queen or a King.  Treat yourself, and/or others with the respect that you know you deserve.
This is my personal New Moon, so I'll be focused on finding solutions, rather then obsessing over the problems.  I'll also be praying that everyone who reads this be blessed, guided and protected by the Angels of Light & Love.  One Love, Ayesha

Friday, July 11, 2014


Beloveds, NASA is calling this Full Moon "SuperMoon", the 1st of 3 scheduled to happen in 2014.  The next one will be on August 10th and the last one will be on September 9th.  They call it a SuperMoon because it's closer to the earth due to the shape of it's orbit.


If you look up in the sky you'll see that this "SuperMoon" appears to be bigger than the last one.  In fact in this part of the country (Poconos) the Moon is quite beautiful and it won't be completely full until tomorrow.
So what does it mean that the Moon is closer to the earth or Perigee?  Well, it means that we're getting the magnetic pull more intensely, especially  people born in the signs that are directly affected....i.e. Cancerians will be feeling the opposition, Aries people and Libra people will be getting the square, and Capricorns will be more personally affected because it's in their sign.  Since I have planets in Libra, Cancer, the South Node in can just about figure out that I'm feeling this SuperMoon more personally.  As I've told you before, sensitive people "get it" way before it happens so this week has been a trip.  Not only was my dream state effected by "weird" dreams, but one of my children sent out a sos ... which means coming into NYC this weekend.  Today I woke up with the news that a good friend's brother was brutally murdered in Brooklyn (another funeral).  While I was deeply saddened by this terrible news, I was selfishly thinking "Geez! I just said I didn't want to go to any more funerals this year".  Just buried my daughter in law last week and still doing the spiritual work to help my son and grandchildren handle the grief.  Plus, I had to cancel a speaking engagement which freed me up to speak at the funeral.  So this Supermoon has me on edge as I had to cancel another engagement made months ago to perform at a friend's memorial for his mother.  What in the world is going on...well, we're in the shift and "shift happens". Being a "no show" for events I would have liked to attend is not my favorite thing to do.  But at times like these we have to set priorities and go where we're needed the most.  


New York City is a Capricorn, with Aries Moon and Libra Rising.  While there always seems to be some violence going on in The Big Apple, I'm sure this SuperMoon in Capricorn will have this city rocking and rolling with surprising and sadly violent events.  When I drove in last week I could feel the energy just as I crossed the George Washington Bridge and had to kinda force my car into the right lane to make the turn. People drive faster in the city and it seems that no one wants to give anyone a could feel the "gotta go, gotta go" energy as cars sped up after going through the toll.  I was more than happy to turn the driving over to one daughter who loves to speed. She's a New Yorker, loves the city and gets huffy with me  as I sit back and criticize the other drivers..."where's he going?" "why didn't she turn her signal on?" "watch out for that biker!" "don't hit that man!"  I don't know if living up here in the mountains is making me better or worse. I'm used to people paying attention to my signal when I need to change lanes...oh well!!! And the news also makes me jumpy...with people fighting and bombing each other...when will it stop?  Then the fact that the bigots haven't ever embraced the president, plus they're trying to sue him, when we know they really want to impeach him...such stuff and nonsense. No matter what he does they're going to complain and we all know why.  Then there's the immigrant children...what a shame. Only those who follow the history know why these children are risking their lives to flee their countries. Like Malcolm once said "the chickens are coming home to roost."  "Send them back to where they came from" says the son of degenerates who stole this country from the indigenous peoples who were living here first.  The nerve of this bleary eyed supremacist who stupidly believes he's better than others.  Turn it off, my spirit says, don't get locked up into their negativity...but really...who do they think they are?  These are children we're talking about. Is there no love for innocent children?  Turn it off or your blood pressure will spike, says my protective angel.  So I turned it off.  


Lebron James, the best basketball player in history (my opinion) is a Capricorn, so with the SuperMoon in Capricorn he made an announcement that he's returning home to Cleveland.  Good for him. He is an astute businessman (Capricorn) , so his ability to make money is a given.  Most of all he has made decisions based on what's good for him. Fans who not too long ago burned his t-shirts, are buying new t-shirts saying "welcome home".  I love it when a descendant of slaves who worked for nothing, turns the tables and makes their system work for him.  What I don't know is how much of that money Lebron is sharing with people in need...not just for tax purposes, but for the sole purpose of paying it forward.  He has to know that his enemies are busy working on bringing him down, so I'm wishing him love and Light and protection from the Most High.  

And I"m  wishing all of you, Love & Light, and protection from the Most High.  SuperMoon in Capricorn will be a weekend of many events and gatherings, so keep it peaceful, slow your roll, don't jump to conclusions and always do your best to spread the love around.  Love & Light, Ayesha

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Wondering if I'm the only one whose experiencing high highs and low lows?  Well that's the way it's been for me for over a year now and it seems there's no end to the cosmic chaos.  We could say the "storms" are caused by Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries and opposed by Mars in Libra which also squares Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer?  But then that's astrology speak that is only understood by other astrologers.  Or we could say that the shift is in full effect and it's time for all of us to move it up to a higher level, if we can. 

So while things are shifting cosmically, in comes Mercury, planet of communications which has been retrograding for the past 3 weeks. It appears that no matter what I say, or's misunderstood or worse, it's misinterpreted.  I think it might be better to just use sign language, or better to just stay silent and visualize outcomes, rather then try to force solutions.  My grandmother would say "I'll just pray on it." Mercury is going direct now and we won't have another retrograde Mercury until October, 2014.  Since Mercury traditionally goes retrograde about 3 or 4 times a year, you'd think we'd learn to just flow through it and bypass the confusion that seems to appear in our lives during these periods.  For one thing, if we can "see" it coming on a regular basis we could get our ducks in a row and be prepared for it.  This last period was a doozy, for me. Firstly, my computer died and I lost all my files. Then my car almost died because of a lack of oil (my bad). By the time the oil light came on it was almost too late, but a savvy mechanic kept the engine from seizing and saved the day.  He gave me a stern warning not to ever let this happen again.  Then my washer flooded the livingroom and far worse, my daughter in law deceased which threw my family into funeral mode again.  I totally dislike funerals, funeral parlors, gravesites, and the wailing and crying of the people who were left behind.  Why do we wait until someone dies to realize how much we appreciated their company? That's a rhetorical question, I know. I'm waiting to experience a funeral where someone gets up and tells the truth..."I never liked him, he had bad breath and a mean spirit, plus he cheated on his wife, beat the kids and kicked the dog".  Hmmm!  Or in the future a funeral where the deceased rises up during a flowery tribute and says "liar, liar, pants on fire, you never liked me and you made my life miserable".  At least that would be Truth in action instead of the way we deceive ourselves and others. The shift for me came when I had to cancel a speaking engagement in Harlem to be there for my son and grandchildren. Instead of speaking at one event I was called to comfort the grieving and speak at a funeral.  You want to make God laugh, just tell her your plans.  My daughter in law was a true warrior woman, who never missed a day at work (really) and who also raised three of her own children and five nieces and nephews while keeping a pristine clean house.  She loved to cook and feed people. Once she came for a visit because she needed some rest, but instead of resting the next morning and agreeing to go out for breakfast,  she got up and cooked a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles and grits...geez! She was dearly loved and will always be missed.  That was my Mercury Retrograde period, and from what I'm hearing from others, this period wasn't an easy one.
But we came through it and there was Light at the end of the tunnel.  Light came for me via a good friend who bought me a new computer tower.  Thought he was just going to have the old tower fixed but instead he paid for a new one.  I am thankful for all the good friends and loving family in my life.
No matter what the circumstance or the condition, it's the people in my life who make the difference.
Thanks to Ron, Anna, Diane, Osayande, Sharonne, Coni, Funmi, Aiesha, Sekhmet, Mimi,  Herline, Ada and my 3 wonderful children. You held me up when I thought I was falling down. I love you all, unconditionally. Love, Light, Laughter & Joy, Ayesha