Friday, May 15, 2015


BELOVEDS, the Sun and Moon will  connect  on Monday, May 18th and we'll have a New Moon in Taurus. However we'll be feeling the energy all weekend. Plus, Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini (till June 25th) later in the day. But some of us have been feeling the retrograde energy a week prior to the 18th and have started moving on cleaning up our act, getting paperwork in order and releasing what we no longer need.  


New Moons are traditionally times to start new projects or to create new habits. New Moon in Taurus, the sign that says "I Have" inspires us to focus on money and financial status.  When I look at my own bank account, and bills, and hear from others who are doing the same, I accept there is a need to create a better relationship with money. Going to take this time to change my attitude and change what I'm thinking on a daily level in order to improve my personal situation.  After doing some honest reflection on finances I realize there are plenty of habits that need to be changed.  The first thing is to recognize that my feelings about money have been fear based. I've been stuck in a feeling of lack and limitation this year especially, even though theoretically, I know better.  So at least for one day I'm going to watch what I think or say behind the phrase "I Have". For instance, "I have enough money to pay my bills", or "I have everything I need", or "I have the talents and gifts to attract more money in my life". Some believe that just saying something positive, that we know isn't true is like believing in magic. The realists among us say "the fact is, bills are coming in and my bank account balance is low".  Even though that might be true on some level, I believe when you raise it up to a higher level, you can magnetically attract to you what you need.  At least the one good side effect of focusing on what you want to be true is that temporarily it raises the consciousness, releases endorphins and makes you feel good. In order to attract more good, we have to feel good in our body. So I'm suggesting that at least for one day, forget about reality and tune into the spiritual truth about money. There is enough to go around, and all my needs are met.  One things for sure is that when we experience the same things over and over again, we should know its time for a change. The first change has to be on the inner levels of consciousness before it can move out to the outer levels.  Rev. Raymond Charles Barker used to say during his lectures at Lincoln Center "change your mind, and keep it changed".  The one good thing about the Taurus energy, which is fixed earth, is that there's a stubborn quality attached to it. Think about the symbol, The Bull, that refuses to move until you dangle a carrot in front of it. The carrot is the potential to change. Taurus is  a consistently hardworking, patient and trustworthy sign. Even if you're not a Taurus, tap into the energy and stay the course.  

Last week, just as Mars the action planet went into Gemini
a train derailed killing 8 people and injuring hundreds more.
The engineer was going twice the allowed speed while in a dangerous curve. He says he doesn't remember what happened, but he did remember to grab his bag  and his phone before leaving the train and lawyered up before talking to police.  You might think I'm playing the race card, but I remember when there was another derailment on Metro North. The engineer was Black, and we knew everything about him, including what he ate for dinner and how much rest he had the night before the accident. Now Amtrak and officials from the agency that investigates train crashes are saying this guy needs time to heal from his trauma.  The difference in how people are treated when a crime is committed in this country is like Black and White. The media jumped all over Mayor Nutter for saying the excessive speed in this latest train accident was simply "reckless".  Uh Duh! Who wouldn't think that traveling 106 miles per minute in a zone that requires half that speed is reckless? Anyhow, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who died, the people who are injured and the people who  experienced this awful tragedy. When we witness these things it gives those of us who pray, an opportunity to be in prayer mode.  I also pray that the truth comes out so that this kind of accident doesn't happen again. Enter, Mercury retrograde in Gemini...was it the engineers fault, Amtrak's fault or the politicians who refuse to allocate funds to upgrade the system?  We're in the "shift" and the ugly stuff is coming to the surface to be revealed and healed.  Happy New Moon in Taurus, I have love and Light for all of you, Ayesha

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Beloveds, we have two events coming up, i.e. Mars the action planet will move into Gemini on May 12th, until June 25th, and Mercury, planet of communications and ruler of Gemini will go retrograde on May 19th, until June 12th.  This promises to be a busy time for Gemini's and basically the other air signs, Aquarius and Libra.  


Time to think (Gemini says "I think") before you speak. Also a good time to review the power of the spoken word and realize that thought are things.  If you are worrying about something ( and who isn't these day?) you can slow down the busy mind by writing down what's on your mind.  Worry is practicing the worst case scenario for something you don't want to happen. So try thinking the best solution to the problem. Science of Mind practitioners say "change your thinking change your life". If worry is keeping you up at night, try turning off all electronics one hour before going to bed. Right before turning in, write down all the things that went right that day and give thanks.  Mars in Gemini will be impacting our nervous systems, so turn off the television as the talking heads spin stories of doom and gloom.  Some people will be in travel mode as short trips to visit loved ones becomes a priority.  Idea people will be busy as they open up to ideas that come flooding through with the help of Mars.  Mars in Gemini could also inspire arguments that could lead to violence...if you allow it. Try to stay in a peaceful mood and bypass the need to be right in every situation.  If you are right, time will tell because the Truth is that which is exactly so.  A friend told me today that when someone says something that offends her or that she doesn't agree with, her answer is "you could be right". She lets is go rather than get into a heated discussion over who's right and who's wrong.  

Mercury, planet of communications and ruler of Gemini, goes retrograde in Gemini from May 19th until June 11th.
Now the reason why we need to avoid the temptation to make someone wrong, while making ourselves right, is this aspect. Sometimes conversations are totally misunderstood when Mercury is retrograde. It's time to follow the Four Agreements, i.e. Be Impeccable with your word, Don't assume anything, Don't take anything personally, and Always do your best.  Mercury retrograde periods are good times to rethink, review and reset.  The things you've planned months ago might not take place the way you wanted them to.  Go with the flow and just ride the wave.  Set your intentions and let go of the outcome.  Planet earth is shifting and we are shifting too. It's not a bad thing to change your mind about something you thought you wanted.  Right now, yours truly is living day to day and trying to stay in the moment. It's 90 degrees today, but the forecast for tomorrow is only 60 degrees. Oh well, back to the long pants and hoodies,and it is all right.  I try not to worry about the things that are out of my control. My grandmothers words "I'll pray about" is still sage advice.
My bank statement was returned (non deliverable) to another branch, Geez!  I was feeling the retrograde before it hit. Drove to the post office thinking I was going to ream the postmaster out, but when I looked into his eyes and saw fear, I backed down. He said he'd fix it and I said "thank you" and walked out.  Phew!  If I had said all of the mean things that were roaming around in my mind, it wouldn't have made a difference. Just sharing because sometimes stuff happens and we don't have to make anyone wrong, while being right. We do have to realize our oneness with all other humans on the planet.
People make mistakes and I did finally get my bank statement.  In the meantime I'm enjoying watching Agape twice a week, listening to Caroline Changs "Awake2 Oneness" radio show on BlogTalk Radio, and writing in my gratitude journal every night.  There's been a mega Earthquake in India, increased police killings in the US, crazy weather in the midwest, and I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge.  Swimming 3 times a week and just reached a half mile today (yay me). 

Thursday, April 30, 2015



The Moon was full in Scorpio when 5 teenagers were legally lynched for a rape they didn't commit in Central Park, back in the 80's. I watched the whole thing go down and did what I could to inform the community..."don't you see what's happening?" but only a few people "got it" the rest of the people went on with their lives in a trance like stupor as the media acted in concert with lying prosecutors to guarantee that these children would be wrongfully convicted. 

Fast forward to 2015 and this time a young man is brutally killed by police in Baltimore Ohio. But this time many people "got it" as they ran into the streets to protest the latest lynching in a long line of police murders that are increasing on a daily basis.  Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we've all been traumatized by these events. It doesn't matter if the lynching took place in a court room or in the streets. The residual effects are  on on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. 


The young man was sitting on a bench next to God and he asked "what are you doing about these police murders, legal lynchings and physical lynchings?" God smiled as he said "funny you should ask, I was going to ask you the same question"  


Full Moons are excellent times to contemplate, meditate and to dig down deep inside to find the answers.  If we keep doing what we're doing we're always going to get the same results. We were taught to sit quietly, breathe deeply, close our eyes and ask "what is it that I'm supposed to do about this?" The answer might not come immediately, but if we keep a watch we'll hear it. It could come from a conversation we engage in directly or indirectly.  It could come from something we see on television, in a bill board, or magazine, or it could come as an idea in your mind.  This is a question about action "what is it that I'm supposed TO DO about this?"  What we should not do is to stuff our emotions so that they create a dis-ease inside of our bodies.  Anger, resentment, sadness and despair are dangerous emotions when repressed.  Repressed anger creates blood pressure problems. Repressed resentment creates cancer, repressed sadness and despair create depression. As my teachers used to say "expression is better than depression.  The negative energies created by these horrible events are everywhere present. It doesn't matter if your turn off the television and try to rise above it...the energy is still there. In fact I heard about the latest police killing while standing in line at the supermarket. The negative thought forms are in the air and only a super human can avoid them.  This Full Moon in powerful  Scorpio is an excellent time to face the truth and then act on what your guides or angels are telling you to do about it. I once heard a story about a woman who put a pot on the stove to boil water for tea. The phone rang and she got involved in her conversation while the water started boiling. Annoyed at the sound of the tea pot's whistle, she stuffed paper in it, then she covered up her available ear to ignore it. As she kept talking the pot finally caught fire and burned down the house.
All she had to do was to turn off the fire or move the tea pot from the fire. Well, the tea pot is whistling, the water is boiling, 
pretending that it doesn't exist isn't going to help it.  Being knowledgeable about what's happening isn't going to help either, except that it may make you feel intellectually superior to others.  When someone wants to pollute my ears with details on our present situation, my question is always "so what are you doing about this?"  They will go on to tell me how busy they are, or how messed up our people are. In other words their ego needs to be convinced that just being superior is the only thing they can do.  If I'm feeling cynical, I'll ask them "so what kind of blood pressure meds do you take?"  That usually ends the conversation.  Full Moons are intense and this one in Scorpio is especially intense.  Use it in positive ways, like the ancients used to do. Find a way to channel the energy in ways that will benefit you, and others.  Loving you unconditionally,
Ayesha (no justice, no peace)